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Eriel has been our only technical guru for the past 3 years. My husband and I have a home network with 2 computers and a laptop and a variety of peripherals which Eriel has assisted us in setting up, maintaining and fixing.

His expertise and diligence are exceptional...he does not stop until he fixes it!

He is also extremely pleasant to interact with and has a great sense of humor. Eriel also embodies the highest standards of integrity and honesty which is very important for people or businesses who have sensitive and critical data. His meticulous trouble-shooting skills effectively find answers to system issues thereby saving you time and money.

Melanie & Scott Potter




AND it will concern all of you who need A BRIGHT, ACCOMPLISHED AND KIND computer consultant.

A year ago, Eriel Shayne Nash built my computer system, putting together the components he knew and trusted. This wasn’t a “ready made,” Eriel created it part-by-part based on his professional knowledge and experience – and it’ s wonderful!

Eriel has been doing this for many years – he started back when the science of computers was developing and being perfected. I now get the benefit of his experience in places like Veritas and MCI.

When my computer mysteriously won’t open up, when I lose an important document or when I press a wrong key and get everything off kilter I call Eriel and he is magically there to rescue me – either over the phone or in person. I don’t have to wait a long time, wondering when I can get back to work, and he responds immediately with his own welcome voice –not a machine with buttons to push.

Eriel instructs me – but most importantly – he helps me – helps me with kindness and patience. I am about as computer illiterate as they come and he helps me learn without making me feel completely inept. I am so grateful for his help -- and caring.

And, on top of everything else – he’s an exceptionally nice person to have sitting beside me at my computer, as well as being bright, accomplished and very kind.

I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Margaret Mehring, Ph.D.
Los Osos, CA 93402



We can’t say enough fabulous words about Eriel Nash! He is brilliant, efficient, creative, reliable, and funny to boot.

He goes the extra mile, finding solutions that us, mere mortals, couldn’t even fathom. He designs your computer upgrade and repair plans to fit your specific needs, including budget concerns, time frame, functional requests, and personal style.

His follow-up is reassuring and complete.

We feel so lucky to found him.

Suzy and Robert Miller/Fuentes



To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to enthusiastically recommend Eriel Shayne Nash. He is our knight-in-shining-armor. I can't possibly tell you how many times we have had computer disasters—ALWAYS at precisely the WRONG time—where Eriel has not only rescued our equipment, software and documents, but also soothed our rumpled and frayed nerves at the same time.

As our computer service technician, Eriel's expertise apparently is limitless. He has fixed, nursed, and repaired older equipment in our office, patched old SCSI peripherals into new USB equipment, and somehow always makes everything work flawlessly. He has patiently listened to our needs and recommended the appropriate software and hardware that would complete our tasks well. Then, with his gentle and patient manner, he has installed everything and tutored us in their operation. On top of this, he is a master at networking which has made our lives SO much easier!!!

When we cry for help, he has always rushed out to fix our problems. This is especially true when we were facing huge client or printer deadlines. His advise has always been "dead-on" target and his "bedside-manner" has always been just what we needed, when we needed it the most!!!

Yes, Eriel Shayne Nash is very competent and knows what he is doing!!! Yes, his people skills are excellent!!! And, perhaps most important of all, he is a consummate professional with a gracious, "can do" delightful attitude. His special whimsical/spiritual attitude always delights us! We hope he will continue to be our computer wizard, but we know his combination of skills and patience are rare, and eventually some mega-corporation will offer him ca'zillions and we'll be left out in the cold.

In the mean time, we cannot recommend him MORE highly. Eriel IS wonderful and we appreciate what he does for us and our clients.


Pandora Karner, President
Marketing & Graphic Design
Los Osos, CA.



Computers are essential to HarvestGate, without them we simply can not operate. Anything computer - we always call Eriel. He's unbelievably reliable and methodical when problem solving. I've never know anyone who works as hard or strives for perfection as Eriel. Unfortunately more companies haven't adopted his dedication to excellence. He is the techno-king!

Mary and Drake Woodworth of HarvestGate


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